This is a bit of old news, but some of you might not know that the producers of the Oscars asked both J.K. and Stephanie Meyer to present the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay this year.  Obviously this didn’t happen; Stephanie was game, but J.K. sort of shrugged and said she had better things to do–like write.  But I doubt this was the whole truth:  did J.K. snub Stephanie Meyer? I’d like to think she did.

We simply can’t deny that Twilight exists, especially when it is consistently compared to Harry Potter (and usually superficially, I might add).  My opinion on the matter is this:

There is a reason I’m posting on Twilight, however, and it may shock you:  I’m actually glad the Twilight series exists.  (I’ll give you a moment to recollect yourselves.)  As horrid as I may believe the “vampire” series to be, it provides me an excellent coutner-argument to the Bloom-ish idea that popularity is often mistaken for literary merit.  A work need not be popular in order to hold literary merit, and simply being popular does not necessarily mean it has any merit at all.  Especially in comparison to Twilight, Harry proves that he has both.  But that’s just me–what do you all think?  Go crazy in the comment section.