And what a glorious cookie it is.

You know, I’ve been thinking, and I’ve come to to conclusion that 24 really is ending.  A couple episodes ago Jack was finally done, and he even had a girlfriend to take home.  And it was an unsettling scene to watch because it showed a very calm Jack Bauer–and quite frankly I was just not used to it.  Turns out he’s actually quite calm and normal in real life, and the whole Jack Bauer image is just a facade for work.  And it was around this point that I realized there was still like. . .six episodes left, so it just couldn’t be the end, no matter how satisfied I was that Jack was finally happy.  And then, BAM!  Renee is taken from him like Teri was.  Now the reason I bring this up is because Renee’s death was to 24 what Hedwig was to Harry Potter:  I just didn’t want to see it coming.  In many ways, I think Hedwig’s death was the most heartbreaking because she really did not deserve to go.  She was always there for Harry regardless, and they were having a tiff or something, which made it that much worse.  Did J.K. NEED to kill off Hedwig?  No, not really–and yet it was entirely necessary because it signaled to me that the end was actually near.  No one was safe.  And so, Agent Walker, I mourn you the way I mourned the snowy owl in Harry Potter.  I raise my cookie to you.