Philip Nel, a bad-ass children’s lit god, observed that Harry Potter created an entire musical genre (wizard rock).  I wonder if it will also create an official NCAA intercollegiate sport.  Now, I’ve stayed away from real-world Quidditch because I imgaine it’s more or less handball with a broomstick jammed between your thighs, but this makes it appear much more epic than I originally thought possible:

According to the website, my school only has a “new team,” which is strange given how it’s both sports- and obscure-club-oriented.  I have to say I think it would be a much more exciting sport if we traded in the broomsticks for roller blades (the broomsticks seem like a formality anyway), and played it in a roller rink.  Sure, the potential for bruised organs and broken bones is multiplied exponentially, but we’re aiming for realism, aren’t we?