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Reasons for HP in the Classroom, Part Two: Intercollegiate Quidditch

Philip Nel, a bad-ass children’s lit god, observed that Harry Potter created an entire musical genre (wizard rock).  I wonder if it will also create an official NCAA intercollegiate sport.  Now, I’ve stayed away from real-world Quidditch because I imgaine it’s more or less handball with a broomstick jammed between your thighs, but this makes it appear much more epic than I originally thought possible:

According to the website, my school only has a “new team,” which is strange given how it’s both sports- and obscure-club-oriented.  I have to say I think it would be a much more exciting sport if we traded in the broomsticks for roller blades (the broomsticks seem like a formality anyway), and played it in a roller rink.  Sure, the potential for bruised organs and broken bones is multiplied exponentially, but we’re aiming for realism, aren’t we?


Reasons for HP in the Classroom, Part One: Butterbeer Pong

Now, I’m not one to judge accomplished scholars based on their opinions of Harry Potter, but there is always an exception to every rule–Harold Bloom, I’m looking at you, and I hope to one day go toe-to-toe with you on the subject.  But for now I will admit defeat because your prediction that we would soon see Harry in the classroom was quite apt.  Kudos to you.  If you’ll excuse me, I have a rousing game of butterbeer pong to play.

I should probably point out (for legal reasons and the sake of my professor’s career) that we used a non-alcoholic recipe, although alcoholic recipes do exist.  Here are the top 10 recipes according to the all-knowing Internet:

Try them out and let me know which I should try.  (I only have so much butterscotch schnapps, y’know.)