The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Islands of Adventure in Orlando, FL will open in approximately 53 days; Infinitus 2010–a Harry Potter symposium being held there probably as an excuse to visit the park–will launch in about 80.  As of this moment the countdown to Infinitus has officially begun, and I will update you on it frequently.  When I stumbled across it online, I immediately knew I had to go.  So, this summer, I will be packing up and heading down to Universal Studios to give a presentation, hang out with one of the Tom Riddles, and have access to the park after hours.

I can practically see Hogwarts now.

My original plan of incorporating Harry into the high school classroom failed epically when the local high school decided to collapse.  (Seriously, I’m not kidding.)  The idea was to use Harry as a means to introduce kids to other kinds of literature (say, for instance, mythology and other important works that influenced this series), as well as a way to introduce them to critical research and developing ideas.  Well that idea went to straight to the dungeons.

Actually, that’s partly how the idea for this blog was born, and I may even end up using it as part of my presentation–who knows?  In any case, I just had to share my joy with you, and send you to a place where you can see updated photos on the park’s progress HERE.